Weighing The Risks Vs. Rewards Of Bariatric Surgery With Andrea Doria, RD

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Listen to Weighing The Risks Vs. Rewards Of Bariatric Surgery With Andrea Doria, RD from Tips With Toni in Podcasts. https://tipswithtoni.libsyn.com/ep75-weighing-the-risks-vs-rewards-of-bariatric-surgery-with-andrea-doria-rd In this episode, Toni interviews Registered Dietitian, Andrea Doria about the pros and cons to weight loss surgery and what you need to consider before, during, and/or after! If you’ve had Bariatric surgery, join Andrea’s Facebook Group for additional […]


Summer is here, so whether you’re at the beach, pool or just hanging out at home, you’ll want to make sure you’re keeping cool and well hydrated.  Water is an essential nutrient that serves many functions in our bodies, like regulating temperature, protecting the spinal cord, cushioning and lubricating joints, keeping skin hydrated as well […]

The Essential Lighter Side: Dietitian Andrea D’Oria

https://lighterside.buzzsprout.com/152834/3745622-the-essential-lighter-side-dietitian-andrea-d-oria Andrea D’Oria has been an outpatient dietitian for almost 20 years, counseling thousands of patients and clients. She has focused her practice largely on bariatric patients over the last 5 years, but we certainly did not constrict our conversation to that topic. (get it?) We spoke about trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle while […]

8 Steps to Get Back On Track After Bariatric Surgery

Has the excitement of having weight loss surgery dwindled for you? Have you gone back to some old unhealthy behaviors? Well, you are not alone. As the rate of weight loss slows down or stops, and your priorities shift away from meal preparation, the habits that promoted weight gain can creep back into your daily routine. After […]