Bariatric Meal Prep Cookbook: 6 Weeks of Perfectly Portioned Meals for Lifelong Weight Management

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Simplify eating healthy after bariatric surgery with meal prep

This cookbook and meal prep plan is the all-in-one guide to eating right after any type of bariatric surgery. It explains the process of meal prep step-by-step, helping patients create perfectly portioned, healthy meals to keep on hand. Based on expert diet advice, these recipes take the guesswork out of navigating nutrition―while you recover and for the rest of your life.

  • Complete prep plans―Find six weeks of meal plans that include shopping lists and nutrition information, along with 35 bonus recipes for creating custom meal prep menus in the future.
  • Easy recipes for every stage―This bariatric cookbook follows the whole recovery process, with recipes organized by each stage of healing.
  • Plenty of variety―Keep meals tasty and interesting with surgery-safe options for everything from soups and smoothies to stir-frys and apple pie.


Ease the healing process and manage weight after bariatric surgery with this guide to preparing healthy meals in advance.